CUCA’s Council




Elected Officers
President: Prof Janet Soskice Jesus College
Treasurer: Dr Damian Crowther Emmanuel College
Secretary: Dr Mark Retter Trinity Hall
Librarian Ms Alexandra Browne Trinity Hall
Ms Kate Allen Homerton College
Mr Peter Glazebrook Jesus College
Prof Michael Kelly Trinity Hall
Dr Laura Kilbride Peterhouse College
Dr Brendan McCormick
Dr Richard Rex  Queens’ College
Baroness Smith PhD Robinson College
Mr Peter Glazebrook Jesus College
Dr Michael Hoskin Churchill College
Dr David Livesey Emmanuel College
Mr Nicholas Rogers Sidney Sussex College
Prof Timothy Smiley Clare College
 Custodian Trustees
Rosemary Boyle
Peter Glazebrook  David Livesey
 Eric Griffiths  Prof Timothy Smiley
 The Council was saddened to hear of the death of Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith who served as a Council member for many years.  An appreciation of his life can be downloaded here.
Registered Charity Number: 214454