Regular Events & Societies

The following groups meet throughout term-time. New members are always welcome. You can download the term card here.

Apologia: Tuesday Talks on the Catholic Faith

A talk every Tuesday in term-time, via Zoom. This popular series explores the doctrine of the Catholic Church, as well as issues involved in living out our faith in University. Speakers range priests to professors, soldiers to scientists. All welcome. Contact Fr Robert (rwv1001) or see the Fisher Society Facebook Group for details.

Recordings of past talks from this term are available on the Apologia YouTube channel.

Graduate Society

The Graduate Society meets meets fortnightly online for social events and discussions.  Speaker meetings, wine tastings, trips, dinners and retreats are also organised. Events are listed on the Fisher House calendar. All graduates and postdocs are welcome. Contact Andrew Paverd (ajp219), Friede Juercke (fkj22), Giulia Lerda
(gl438), or Sebastian Ober (swo25).

Interfaith and Ecumenical Group

Hosts talks by members of different Christian denominations, or a non-Christian faiths, with the aim of introducing their tradition and opening up dialogue. There will also be occasional panel discussions or ecumenical religious events. Contact Nikhil Antony (naa49).

Post-Docs and Young Families Group

The Post-Doc Society meets for informal spiritual and social events for the post-doc community and their families, including at 7pm on Wednesdays. Contact Kotryna Bloznelyte (kb449).

Society of St Vincent de Paul


The SVP seeks to help those in Cambridge on the margins, and those less fortunate than ourselves, founding its work in prayer, with nightly soup-runs. Contact Nikhil Antony (naa49).

Friday Evening Prayer with Reflection


Vespers, or Evening Prayer, is a prayerful and reflective way to wind up the week. All are welcome! If you are a musician, and would like to participate, please contact Paul Norris (pn303).

The Haddocs

A society for Catholic Medics, and those interested in issues of ethics, meeting every second Monday in term for talks and discussions. Contact Prakash Thanikachalam (pt403).

Pro-Life Group

The Pro-Life Group meets to discuss issues relating to the protection of life, in all its stages, in all its forms. Contact Conor McKee (cmm85).

The Dolphins

Meeting on Sunday afternoons for practice (and fun); largely the aim is to pay the Oxford Chaplaincy for the annual More/Fisher Cup, but other games take place during the year. Contact Julia Wdowin (jw735).

COSTA (Confraternity of St Thomas Aquinas)

A group for Catholics from Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of south-east Asia, meeting regularly for prayer and social events. Contact Clara-Ann Cheng (cac213).

Fisher House Music Ministry

Fisher House boasts two fine choirs: the Schola Cantorum,which sings at the 9.00am Latin Mass, and the Chapel Choir, which sings at the 11.00am Mass. Details of the music ministry and the Gilbey Scholarships can be found here.

Fisher Friends

Senior Catholic members of the University and other non-students meet for religious and social events throughout the year, and to exchange information and provide mutual support. Contact Prof. Janet Soskice (jcs16).

The Benson Club

Meeting twice termly to discuss Catholic novels and poetry. Contact Paul Norris (pn303).

Sacristans and Servers

Students regularly help serving at Sunday and weekday Mass, or in the sacristy. If you would like to join, contact Bálint Szathury (bs611). No experience is required!