The Fisher Lecture 2012

Wednesday 1st February 2012
At 5.30pm

Professor John O’Malley
Georgetown University
Washington DC

Trent and Vatican II: Two Anniversaries of Two Misunderstood Councils

Fisher House, Guildhall Street, Cambridge CB2 3NH

Professor O’Malley, a Catholic priest and member of the Society of Jesus, is a University Professor in the Department of Theology at Georgetown. His publications include What Happened at Vatican II (Harvard, 2008), Trent and All That (Harvard, 2002) and The First Jesuits (Harvard, 1993), as well as the titular essay in Vatican II: Did anything happen? (Continuum, 2007). Professor O’Malley specialises in the religious culture of early modern Europe, especially Italy, and has lectured throughout North America and Europe.

Professor O’Malley’s page at Georgetown University is found here.