The Fisher Society

Fisher Society Annual Dinner

Fisher Society Annual Dinner

The Fisher Society is the body that runs events each week during term for all Catholic undergraduates and graduates resident in Cambridge. Through its elected committee, a wide range of events is provided, ranging from Prayer Services and Carol Singing in the Market Square, to Quiz Evenings and summer Barbeques, aimed at promoting the spiritual, cultural and social interests of its members.

The Fisher Society comprises all Catholic members of the University of Cambridge, past and present.

Click here for a list of all Fisher House College Reps.

Among the regular events that the Fisher Society offers are:



The Fisher Society’s buffet lunches take place daily in the Fisher Room from Monday to Saturday during Full Term, from 1.00pm – 2.00pm. Come and meet new people and catch up with friends over a good lunch, for only £1.50, to power you through a hectic Cambridge day.

The Black Swan Bar

The bar

The bar is open every Friday following 7.30pm Mass during Full Term, and at other times as announced. It is located in the Fisher Room.

The Graduate Society


The Society organises talks, outings, pilgrimages and events throughout the year – including a series of theological discussions in the pub!  Click here for more information on Graduate events.

The Fisher Society dinner

Fisher society Dinner

The major formal event in the Fisher House calendar, the annual Fisher Society Dinner forms a wonderful end to the year, and a climax to the social events organised by the Fisher Society.

Advent and Lent reflections

The Fisher Society organises services in preparation for Christmas and Easter, meditations and recitation of the Divine Office, and other events to support the spiritual life of students during their time at Cambridge.

The Fisher House garden party


 The Fisher Society pours the Pimms for the annual Garden Party – the major social event in the Cambridge Catholic calendar … and hosts parties featuring Pancakes, ”˜Saints and Sinners’, International Cuisine, Ecumenical events, Quizzes, and many other occasions!

For other events and meetings organised by the Fisher Society, click here.

Carol singing in the Market square










The Fisher Society teams up with the SVP to raise money for local charities at Christmas.