CUCA’s Council

Elected Officers
Prof Janet Soskice Jesus College President
Dr Claude Warnick Queens’ College Treasurer
Dr Hannah Joyce St John’s College Secretary
Ms Alexandra Browne Trinity Hall Librarian
Ms Kate Allen Homerton College
Dr Philip Beer Queens’ College
Mr Guy Brannan Trinity Hall
Mr Péter Jusáhz Trinity College
Dr Catherine MacKenzie Homerton College
Dr Florian Urmetzer St Edmund’s College
Dr Kristin Williams Wolfson College
Dr Claire Daunton Trinity Hall
Mr Peter Glazebrook Jesus College
Dr Michael Hoskin Churchill College
Dr David Livesey Emmanuel College
Mr Nicholas Rogers Sidney Sussex College
Prof Timothy Smiley Clare College
Since 2019 the CUCA CIO constitution no longer mentions Custodian Trustees, however we mention the names of these individuals to acknowledge their contributions in this role
Rosemary Boyle  David Livesey
Peter Glazebrook  Prof Timothy Smiley
CUCA CIO Registered Charity Number: 1184835